In Shaddy's Shadow
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2001-07-01 05:12:33 (UTC)

"It's Corn-Ball"

Well, I've been thinking' of Carl soo much lately but
his face kinda left my mind today...That was until I got
online & said "Hey Babe" to "NameLess503" Which is Fred's
screenname But when someone wrote back "Wrong Baby" I
wasn't sure who it was, I felt kinda stupid but ...Then he
said "It's Corn-Ball" (Carl)..My heart droped down..Kinda
like it did the day he told me he didn't wanna be with my
anymore.....Since that day I've been through... I love him,
why won't he come back, to what did I do wrong i
didn't spend enough time with him.. to I can't live without
him.. & even to I HATE HIM SOO BAD!!.. I kinda felt that
I'm over him since it's been 4 months soo I got me a new
man..but I'm very sad to say i feel he is a rebound.. but
I've kinda put that feeling to the side & have kept on
going with this relationship ..but this past two weeks have
been really HARD!!!.. well my friend Derek told me that
Carl wanted to get back with me .. Even though I go with
someone (Vinnie)now I was very happy to hear that.. I asked
Fred (Carl's BestFriend) & he said he didn't know anything
about it & told me that Carl is still with his (new) girl..
but Carl called me as soon as I got done asking Fred about
that online... Hmm kinda funny uh?.. well anyway this past
week I've been chilling with Kevin, we've been going down to
Kraft Park & chilling, Kraft is kinda where Carl & Fred
play ball. well I haven't seen them down there but I did
see Fred once outside his house and stop to talk to him. he
asked me if I liked Carl cuz Derek had told him that...Hmm
Derek is one two face M_th_rF_ck_r, but anyway back to
today...when Carl said it was him he asked me if i still
like him, (damn Y did he have to put me out there) I asked
him why should it matter to him seeing he gotta girl? but
he said he was just wondering... cuz Derek told him I
did.....hmm Do u think that's all it is I don't...I think
he still wants me back..I know I loved him too much to just
forget about him in 4 months.. & if he loves me like he
said he did then he's still thinking about me too.. but it
sucks soo bad that I can't talk to him face to face.. well
if it all works out like i hope then I will have my chance
to talk to him face to face & soon...It soo hard without
him & It doesn't help that Vinnie hasn't called me for the
past three days!! I really think he's creeping, I'm kinds
hoping he is so that if i creep I won't feel as bad..I'll
be back tomorrow if anything else comes up!
Mad Love