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2002-07-16 06:01:22 (UTC)

It was great!

On sunday night, I went to church and I was singing a song
with my friends Meaghan and Amy, and we sung "The Potters
Hand" it's a good song, the bad thing was I had a sore
throat and I was sick! But I was in the play as well, and
I done it, and I am so happy! People were congratulating
me, saying that I done very good, and that I should
continue on with singing and acting, and that my facial
expressions in the play were realistic and fantastic!

I was so happy to hear all that, but I still felt like shit
because I was sick.

I went to the doctors yesterday morning, and he told me
that I have the flu, terrific huh? First day back to school
and I got the flu, great way to start the semester huh?

Well I was talking to Craig and Jayson last night, the guys
that I met at Callans party a couple weeks ago, and craig
and I have like nearly everything in common, but I dont
like him more than a friend though, he's just not my type,
and Jayson likes me, and he is pretty cute, but I don't
think I want to go out with him.

Bad start off to the first day of school, I got 2 pink
slips, because I didn't hand in my holiday homework, oh
well, I'll live!

Not much has really happened, I decided to start going to
this group called the 'Baptism Group' not that I want to
get baptised or anything, I dont even know why I am going.

This is all I have got to say, been living a pretty boring
life the past few days!

Luv Rhi.

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