2001-07-01 04:57:37 (UTC)

message from Kyle

well saturday was nothing special i duuno its the first day
of the week ppl find it so heavy as the week progresses
though say like tuesday it gets better,,,,
i had a headache its alwayse like that on saturdays but
didnt go home i just stayed at work but got out ib
break with Aamal ,,,
as i got home i slept for 2 hours then watched tv ,,
all songs on cable i knwo very well but i just love listing
to them over and over again,,,,
i duuno when i was still in school like in early ninties
the music was just so cool every song was unique now they
are all the same!!! so many fucked up boy bands ,,,
i go a message from Kyle too on my mobile when it rang my
little brother went to pick it up from my room
i ran quickly and snatched it from his hands!!!
its getting real hot over here as we are already in July
and god saves us for teh rest of teh summer i dont think
they will give me a vocation though , my memories ofworking
in teh summer last year were hoprrible u cant breath , your
clothes get ruined too