... SheLL*z . LyFe ...
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2002-07-16 04:59:26 (UTC)

Love em to death

*** This entry is dedicated directly to my GurLz ***
Thankx for everything you guys, i wouldnt be the way i am
today if it werent for yous. * Much LoVe *

As we go on we remember all the time we
Had together and as our lives change
Come whatever. we will still be

Here are the GurLz. ( no specific order )

Amanda W. | mjslover 1022 | aka. Bruno
Amanda A. | moondust1671 | aka. Apontee
Amanda D. | wldchl69420 | aka. Davies.Shorty
Carmie B. | carmiegurl8 | aka. Blockus
Jaime W. | jlaw2385 | aka. Webinator
Nicole H. | [email protected] | aka. Nici.NiciStix
Kerri K. | jerrschld69 | aka. KKK
Lindsey H. | butterfly469 | aka. Linz.HuffyD

... Im gonna be here when ya need me ...
... My GurLz can always count on me* ...

I would do anything for my gurlz. anything they ask, they need an
organ, they can have it, its theirs for the taking. id walk to the
end of the earth for 'em. Id rather cut off my arm with a butter
knife so they wont go through any pain ever again. I love 'em so
much, i couldnt breathe without 'em. Their like my lungs, cant live
or breathe without 'em. Now im no lesbo ( not that theres ne thing
wrong with that ) but its weird when you love 8 people so much it
hurts sometimes. It dont get any simplier. Theyre everything to me,
more then any man will ever be. Never once have i chose a man over
any of 'em. and i will never do so. Theyre worth more to me then
anything any man can give me.

... My GurLs are worth more then 10,000 diamond rings ...
... Their my angels without wings ...

I've known most of my GurLs my whole life up until this point, and
ill continue knowing 'em and loveing 'em up until my very last
breathe. Enuff said.