OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
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2001-07-01 04:32:58 (UTC)

No One Here Can Ever Stop Us ...

So there is this ... person, right? A friend ? I dunno ..
can I call her a friend ? Well .. anyway, she did something
that pratically made a WHOLE chapter in my life fake ...
and that really pisses me off. Basically it was a bunch of
bullshit lies and you know what? I'm trying not to have any
hard feelings about. But, I'm tired of just being nice b/c
quite honestly ... it makes me ANGRY! And really she never
even came out and said you know "i did it" and .. I dunno-
did she do it?? I'm pretty sure she did .. but y'know ...
I'm .. just extremly angered by it, and so is my best
friend, but I'mma leave it all alone now.
Soo .... I think me and Alicia have officially ran out of
things to talk about .. well, on the phone, lol- But not
right now b/c we are talking about a perticular situation.
I've been thinking and I am like afriad if I talk about
Terry with her she's gonna get annoyed, y'know? But ...
*sigh* I dunno ... OK- I'm going to think of HAPPY thoughts
because I .... am PISSED!!! I promise you, I think I
possibly have one of the most fucked up lives in the
world .... and the .. weirdest emoitions - but I guess the
people around me help me change my attitude. And they all
think it is just me and I want to be bitchy and stuff, but
if people wouldn't piss me off I wouldn't be bitchy. Like
my brother just annoys the hell out of me and the part that
bugs me the most is he is doing it on purpose, and that
pisses me off ... *sigh* And my dad does this little
favoritism thing, were he treats me like shit and loves my
brother more then me, and other people just do random
things. Like talk shit, lie, etc, etc.... but I think I'm
done bitching today! lol

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