my simple small world
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2002-07-16 04:30:35 (UTC)

56 year old harrassers.....

I can't take this!!!!!!!!!He puts me in the bell jar and
watches me struggle....
I never wanted to deal with this in my entire life.It makes
me wanna off makes me feel alone and broken.
He further takes away my innocense with every smile...
There is this 56 year old guy I work with...and it started
out as him doing things for me and my best friend like
buying us ciggs no charge......
Then he payed for our tongue rings.....and he continues to
buy us misc things.(ciggs,beer,body jewelry,weed,etc.)
I told him off the bat that he was doing this out of
charity and I would never do anything sexual in return..
No, actually at first I wouldn't except anything...but he
got offended, and I thought hell why not, free ciggs.
So he was like " know I just really like you your
like a daughter to me.."
so everything was fine for awhile....
then he forced a kiss on my best friend.......and at work
asked me to um....give him head...I freaked out and
screamed and told him to stay the fuck away from me...
Well, I was outside smoking a cigg about 10 minutes
ago....and he walks out of the shadows......and asks me to
do all this stuff like let him hug me from behind....I was
like "Noo", almost started crying and went inside and
locked the I am.
Point blank...alone, and broken...
I know I should turn him this doesn't happen to
anyone else......
but I can't for some reason....I just want it all to stop.
I'd give anything for it to dissapear...
He seriously makes me wanna kill myself...
My bottom lip won't stop quivering....and I sit here
I know I need to do something...but not only am I scared,
but I am really embarassed...
No one has ever made me feel this way...I wanted to die not
feeling like this at all....
I want relieve.....
I want this old guy to go away....
but, right now I have none of that, so I sit here trying to
hold back tears of rage and fear.....

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