Rantings of a Crazed Mom
2001-07-01 04:14:20 (UTC)


Ahhh..nothing like a nice relaxing Saturday. Running to one
birthday party for a 5 yr old by 11am. But, that was really
pretty fun. Gretchen and Rich - pretty damn nice folk. Good
people. GORGEOUS house - I am so jealous. She is Martha
Stewart on steriods. Mom would PEE if saw this place. I am
quite impressed. RJ is a doll..he was so sweet to Moira. If
he doesn't have a "crush" on her - I don't knwo WHAT it
is...it's really cute though...

Then...rush rush home..get cleaned up and ZOOM over to
Donna and Tom's party. Again, Moira had a blast - playing
with all the kids. LOTS and lots of babies ::sigh:: All so