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2002-07-16 03:44:07 (UTC)

I am bored, and lonely.......but all is well :)

Hey guys, it's a normal monday evening, I was supposed to
have a basket ball game but luckily it got rescheduled to
tomorrow (right after cross country.....yay). but anyway
today i went to school, and my friend jason was there. He's
new and gonna be a soph. He's pretty hott, tall, athletic
and a really good dresser. He had been in cali for like a
month, so today was his first day back. I talked w/him for
like 20 min, then got bored and got a pop,lol. Summer
school sux sooo bad. My only friend there, georgia (a
gorgeous jr who goes to an all girls bording
school......poor her) and I tried to ditch today, but no
luck, they saw her car from the class window,lol.Then I
tried to download Kazaa on the school computers,lol and I
was talking to willy(soph.), and he was making fun of my
grade (becuz there are only like 3 cool people) and beleive
me I agree w/him. We were sitting on the senior bench (only
time we can sit on it... during the summer,lol, cept last
year I got invited to sit for like 5 min...I thought i was
soo cool,lol)but anyway all the people came out of their
classes, and I was like look I won't even aknolage them,
they are soo fucking lame,lol. and stewart and jon come out
and they're like Hey meaghan, I didn't even look at
them,lol. I hate the guys in my grade, I'm so glad I know
all the upperclass men. seriously.....but anyway then I
went to the weight room and people were in there working
out (that had been my goal)but I didn't feel like getting
sweaty,lol so I just sat there and talked to people, then
me and malcom decided to go to emma's, so then we went to
this really good wrap place in chagrin and there was this
guy there with his girlfriend (who I swear I knew from some
where) adn he totally checked me out! like didnt' even try
and hide it I was like pig,lol. then the guy behind the
counter was hitting on emma and i, and he looked sooooooooo
not our type (looked like a cross between the lead singer
of Jimmy eat world and the lead singer of weezer....gross)
but then we went to emmas house, and went swimming in her
pool and emma and malcom were like dry humping, I felt so
much like the 3rd wheel, but it's all good,lol. Then we
forced malcome to watch the entire season of Sex on the
City (they have them on DVD) and jon and al kept calling,
they were gonna come over becuz malcome told them I would
hoook up w/both of them (which I SERIOUSLY WOULD NEVER
DO!!!!)so I was like ok I am def. calling my mom,lol. SO my
mom came and picked me up and we went out to dinner to the
winking lizard. And there was this one waiter who was
totally staring at me, not in the friendly hi way, but the
sick pedophile way,lol.. And as i was leaving he stopped me
and all the other guy waiters were w/him. and they were
like how old are u, I was like umm 14, and then one was
like well we were just talking about u, u know ,and I was
like GROSS UR ALL LIKE 25!, then I left... really
fast. And I just watched tv for the past 2 hours,lol. and
now I'm online! yep fun eventful day.....not
well cya later alligator (remember that from like 1rst
mood: excited!!! no kill my self bored
clothes:long black pin-striped pants from neimen marcus, 3
inch thick black and white belt from express, white tube
top, hair down, sunglasses as head band. black platform
flip flops...mascara (no time for make-up this
morning....tisk tisk)
song: Khia, my neck my back (BEST SONG IN THE WORLD OMG!!)

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