Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-07-16 02:43:25 (UTC)

Complication is my middle name...

And she writes poems, too.

Maybe, once, I can be happy
Maybe, once, I can be sure
That all of this, this newness
Perhaps Ive found the cure?

I used to feel so empty
So alone, so lost, so vacant...
Then suddenly, you walk in
And I am so complacent

They tell me Im stupid
All of this is a lie
Will I let myself be decieved?
Is this not real, what I see with my eyes?

Please, just send me a sign
I dont want to waste my time
This is different, this is new
Please, give me a sign
So I know its true

I dotn want to hurt,
I dont want to cry,
I dont want to crawl
Into a whole and die

I just want to be happy,
I want to be real
I want to know the truth
In what i feel

Send me a sign,
Just let me know,
So on wiht my life
I can go

Just let me be happy,
Let me be free
Let this love be true
And with my eyes, let me see