ThE_DuDe (Basstorius)

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2001-07-01 03:22:13 (UTC)

i want to be heard.

i have problems. you have problems. we all got problems and
there is nothing we can do about it. i am 17 years old and
i have realized that life isnt life without problems and i
understand. i am being kicked out of my house by my stepmom
to go and live in colorado and my dad seems to think it is
ok for this to happen. i wish i could talk to my dad but i
cant. i am so scared to talk to him because of what he has
done to me. i hate it. my dad used to beat me for talking
back to him and i wasnt. my dad never took defience and if
i give it to him now i dont know what will happen. i
wounder what would happen and then again i dont. well
anyways i think that the reason that i am reading this is
because i think that people who write these things want to
be heard. and i just want someone to know if anyone is
going through the same thing i am going through. im talking
about depression. well i and not depressed. ive got bipolar
disorder. i will have incredible highs and then lows.i hate
it alot. i dont know how to control it. bye bye