DaRk RavEn of DeAth

ToRn AwAy
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2002-07-16 02:27:24 (UTC)

one of my shity songs

(by myself)

do you ever feel like evryone and everything is
looking at you? and you feel like your falling down a
botomless pit just falling and falling never know when your
going to hit. in my hart it feels like im going to die but
i still alive. its like everyone and everything is looking
at you. what is wrong? why dose it feel like this? people
tell me its a sign of death. but why? im only 16 i have not
lived long yet to die. the world is crule and weak. why do
i have to go to after life world. its like everyone and
everything is killing me now. the pain is so painful. im
going to die. but why? the world is doing this to me. i
think im going to kill myself. now what? death is coming
for me should i let him take me or should i kell myself and
the world? to late death is beside me. later crule world.

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