OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
2001-07-01 02:43:09 (UTC)

~ Getting Old ~

I was watching this movie and it had a bunch of 'older'
people on it and I was thinking .. I'm going to be old like
that. That scares me ... it just does. And one day my life
is going to end. What happens after that? Heaven ? Oh
goodness ... death just scares the hell out of me.
Anyway, I'm ... extremly *un-amused* lalala .. me and
Alicia have ran out of things to talk about. And right at
this moment I'm not too much in the "talkative" mood. I
can't wait until Tuesday!!! I get to go to Alicia's house
and chill w/ my best friend!! It'll be great .. hmmm ...
but I have a few more days to go. And you know what? Donnie
was supposed to call me after EVERYTHING with the gang
fight went down and guess what? It's an hour and forty-six
minutes after it was all supposed to go down and NO call
from Donnie .. I dunno if I should be scared :*( But ...
yea ... ok. I'm done with that b/c I'm not gonnna think
about it. Well, I'll try not to. I like packing ... I don't
know WHY I am thinking of this but everytime I go in my
room I want to pack .. lol- But it's on Saturday night, and
I still have TWO whole days left until I go to Alicia's.
Man .. everytime I think about the next week I get this
feeling in my stomach b/c I have to go back to basketball
practice on July 9. I HATE Coach MaGrans .. and that is
REALLY bad when a High School Coach can make you hate a
sport you love so much that it makes you want to quite the
team :( And I bet he's gonna try to pick on me and try to
make me do all these stupid plays that he kept changing the
name too when he didn't even let me play hardly any. All he
did was tell me to watch position's 1 and 2 which is Point
Guard and OutSide (3 point) shooter. OK ... he's a fag. But
I suppose I'll probably call Xanthi like Friday maybe ...
or not. I dunno if she'll be there- shit.. ok- well
then ... just another reason WHY I hate my coach b/c he
doesn't call anyone and I'm not gonna know WHEN practice is
at b/c CHS caught on fire .. so will practice be at NEMS??
Ok .... Now that I'm all freakin' confused I think I am
going to go upstairs in my room.

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