my simple small world
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2002-07-16 01:47:34 (UTC)

inside the bell jar

hey.....actually today is one of those days where I don't
feel like I'm in the bell jar..(those are hard to come by),
give it time in an hour or to I will, but I don't know why
I titled this entry that....random I guess.
Today was a weird day I got up at of my
homosexual male friends came over..(I had entended to be
playing matchmaker....after both gay partys involved in
this asked me to)...the other gay guy came over...and we
just chilled in my basement doing dumb stuff like playing
air hocky and scatagories.I think they might of just hit it
off.It's to early to tell.I feel like I made a contribution
to society.It's a good the feeling I get
giving ciggerates to people addicted that are younger then
me and have rough times obtaining ciggs.....
Well, I'm gonna stop writing now.......