down in my eyes
2002-07-15 23:45:53 (UTC)

it's ok, now, tho.

I went grocerey shopping with my mom, earlier. As i was
unloaden the food from the car, i set the watermelon, 'n
the rest of the bags down, so i could close the trunk.
When i reached down to pick 'em back up, i noticed the
watermelon was gone- I spun around,... 'n saw it rolling
down the driveway... 'N before i could even realize.. or
react to what was happening,..it was already rolling
down the street.
My mom got really worked up over it, "WHAT are you
doing?!? ..go get it,... hurry up..!" i heard, as i was
chasing the fruit down the street.
Hmm. the melon's ok, now, tho.

I think i'll go have some now.