Crazy Jamie's Book of Doings
2001-07-01 01:51:42 (UTC)


Hey everyone. If you are reading tis right now you must not
have a lot to do. That's cool I guess. Here is my
first "diary" entry. If you don't mind, I prefer we call it
a journal. Diary sounds a little feminine I would say. At
any rate listen to what happened last night. I was going to
bed and it was late. I would say about 2:00 am. I can't
remember what happened other than my phone ringing andit
being Ryan Lott. Well I talked to him for a while and I
heard some people outside. I look and it was just my French
friends talking to some people so I didn't think much of
it. AFter I am done on the phone, I look out the window
again to see this guy they were talking to coming back up
to the house. At the time I didn't think much of it becasue
I just figured he was with the guys. Turns out that this
guy came back into the house and took stuff while we were
sleeping. A man was in this house. I know what you are al
thinking right now, but I was safe. Anyway, this guy took
some of my uncles money, some of my uncles fake money that
he has for his business, and, get ready for the real kicker
folks, some laundry detergent. Well, before long, the
police were here asking us questions and trying to piece
things together. You see, this guy gave two of the French
guys a ride home but on his way here, he stopped by his
house to get something. I dont' get hit either. The police
found him but didn't have anything that might have
connected him to this house. He did have $1200 in cash on
him though. Exciting day I would say.