starry nite

my own world
2002-07-15 23:41:05 (UTC)

he sent a messenger.......

so today some lady stopped by and asked for james' stuff.
she said she was one of his moms friends. i didnt talk to
her, randy did. i told him to tell her that he could come
and get his own stuff. im not going to let me do shit like
that. we were together off and on for over a year and he
can't even stop by to get all his clothes? thats weak.
people keep telling me how he lied to me the whole time and
how i could do so much better and that hes a loser. the sad
thing is they are right. and i am no just saying it becuase
we dont speak anymore, deep down i have known it for a
while. im not saying im anything great or anything but
anyone could do better then him. i am not a bad person and
i dont deserve to be treated like shit, i just need to try
and not let what he did to me get medown anymore. that part
of my life is over, i need to find closure and move on.