Pure Belligerence
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2001-07-01 01:49:02 (UTC)

*Errrrrrr, thats all iv got to say*

Two words....... fucking depressed. Yep, thats me right
now. I really dont know why. I had a good time last night
and then today with alicia... but all the sudden it just
dawned on my im depressed. Im not sure if it just happened
at that moment that i desided to be... well, totally not
happy, or if iv been that way for a few hours? Maybe this
has something to do with not sticking with my diary today.
I totally pigged out. Had an egg sandwich, then jelly
beans, an ice cream cone, and a ceasar salad. Ugh, thats
probably it. Damn, this isnt a good sign for my mental
health now is it? If im getting depressed over probably
what normal people would have in a day and calling it a pig
out. All i know is that i need to loose some weigh. I
think it was just a bad weekend. I had about 800 calories
worth of drinks at the party... not good.. and it just
continues into the morning. Me and alicia met two cool
guys friday... little bit older than us.... one was 21
(looked like he was 17 or 18, acted like it too) and he was
funny....(oops... alicia just called....told me she brought
the hurt bird she found to the rehabilitator that i gave
her the number for... and then to tell me shes going to a
party.... college party at that..... and do i wanna come...
but no, i have no fucking ride!!!!) (oh yeah, my away
message for aim right now is damn bored right
now.... ahhh.... house sitting is such a fun thing to
do.... iv got a headache and my gums hurt like a mother
fucker from the dentist.... oh and also someone, who, im
not going to mention his name... is being a belligerent
fuck.... geeze.... you are such a crude individual, i cant
even stand it! Ok, long story short..... tonights not the
night to talk to me because 1, im pissed im not having fun
right now and 2, im pissed in not having fun right now. Im
off to go find something to do...... if you are going to be
interesting and not belligerent... im me (not many people
that that applies to) if not, just leeeeeeeeave me alone.
Ahh, that said.... i feel muuuch better. well, not really,
but yeah whatever. And remember... have a nice night.) I
hate being alone!!! Oh, another thing... guess what my mom
is buying...... a new jetta.... the car i want. Guess who
shes buying it for...... herself! What a surprise. I
didnt think she buy me a car.... but to rub it in my fact
like this..... errr. Ok, i think i was talking about the
party on friday. Ok, we met those guys..... they were ok,
we end up going to the beach and light off fireworks....
the cops show up and one was being a real dick but didnt
say anything about the fireworks. The 19 year old ran and
hid because hes underage (so are we... but we werent nearly
as drunk as him) and they both threw their weed and pipes
into the woods. Turns out the cop was harrassing not for
the fireworks, but because the guys car was unlocked with
the keys still inside. ok there...... but he really was
being an ass..... like.... get up here now... dont call us
when your car gets stolen.... blah blah blah. Whatever.
And today me and alicia went to go see dr. dolittle 2, it
was a funny movie.. i should have seen the first one
though. And we did shit around town.... but it was so
fuckin hot out i called my mom and she picked me up an hour
early. About 2 weeks till i turn 16... i cant wait to
drive. its gonna be great.