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2002-07-15 22:12:15 (UTC)

What bruno wrote

This is on of my BeSt friends advice to me.

( Bruno || Mjslover1022 )

"well hun,im not sure wat to tell you cuz i knoe how you
feel i was going threw this same thing fer a while with
matt all i can tell you is to see wat one likes you more
cuz you like all of them and it doesnt mater wat one you go
out wit but if you find out wat one likes you more and wat
one you get along wit most and wat one you can stand being
around and the one that you never fight with and the one
that you can talk to about everything! and one that wont
hurt you or play with you head cuz im tell you right now if
you get hurt but one of them i swear to god i will kill
them so0 fast they wont even knoe wat happen...and
personaly i think you should ferget about eddie i knoe hes
hot and all but the last time you was him he was a total
ass to you and you dont need shit like that from a guy well
i hope that i helped you in someway ~peace~ "

Hm.. i think shes right, thats why i lover 'er
(( `v ´))
`v ´

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