The GoddessIris

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2002-07-15 21:54:30 (UTC)


I'll be your bridge
from thought to thought
so you wolt drown

i'll be your wings
like a bird
so you can sore high above the ground

i 'll take the blame
for you every mistake and sin
I'll take everything
I'll take it all in

I'll be your drug
on those night you need a high
I 'll be your drug and
with me you will never die

I'll be you mind
when you walk that straight line
i'll make it easier for you to commit a crime

I'll be you pillow during day dreams
and make nothing real or what it seems

I'll be the voice of reason in the dark hallways
I'll be your feet to walk faster through those long hard

To be you everything
to let you free
to be your everything
to be me.

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