The GoddessIris

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2002-07-15 21:47:33 (UTC)

Cherry Love( song lyrics)

what happened what happened and I know
I knew it wasn't you
you know it's fucked up too.
yeah and now I wonder how?
should I start when we metin my old school yard that night
you looked so pretty standing under the street light
I gasp at you figure standing there you and your dimples
and really short hair
right then I knew ... I knew
Chorus: (I knew I knew I'd get fucked up with you
and I knew I knew I knew I'd fuck it up with you.)
yeah it just took a little time and yeah a little luck
for me to get just one fuck.
but in your basement watching all thoses flicks
about all thoses fucked up chicks.. right then i knew
I know I know I know your fucked up too and i know i know
that only one i want to be fucked up with is

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