In Shaddy's Shadow
2001-07-01 00:40:19 (UTC)

All Bout Me!!

Hey Wassup?..I'm Yvette. I'm a 17yr old female from VA Beach. I moved
here a year ago from l```/```l /```
l ~Brockton~ O
l_l__/l__l/__/ _Well between "What boy
likes me?", "Who's with Who?", "What girl is trying to take my
man?", "What's going on in school?", "What b!t(h is talking $h!t in
school?" and "Why my parents are B!t(hing at me again?" theres alot
of drama in my I'm sure in most teens lives.. but unlike
them I'm putting mines out there for all of you to I hope
you likes...

P.S. Like I said "I'm putting mines out there" Not my friends soo
I'ma try my hardest to not write stuff about my friends lives in
here..but I maybe at times...BUT if I do all Names WILL be changed!!!