OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
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2001-07-01 00:04:31 (UTC)

A Time I Tried So Hard ...

I recently just got out of a long and rather BAD
relationship. It was a long distance relationship and I
guess it was true when people say they don't work out. I
guess I just didn't want to believe it because I was in
love. I tried so hard to keep that relationship together,
but no matter who much I wished and prayed for everything
to turn into this great big fiary tale I wished for, it
disappeared ... Off of that. I was talking to Terry last
night. He didn't get home until like 12 AM! When I talked
to him I asked him what he had done all day and he said "I
was out looking for fireworks to impress you with" - I
asked him if he found any and he said "yea, too many" lol-
But it was cute. So then out of nowhere he goes "So are we
gonna go out or what?" I was gonna ask him if he was asking
me then but I told him that I didn't know and asked him if
he wanted to and he said he did, so then I told him I did
too. Then he told me it wouldn't be right to ask me now
(b/c it wasn't face-to-face)and I asked him when he was
gonna ask me and he said on Tuesday. Tuesday is when we
were going to go on our date. We are going to go to a
Karoake and then to the RiverWalk. After that we are going
back to Alicia's house and ..... I dunno ? Watch a movie ?
I wanna watch a scary movie but Alicia's a wuss. lol- Oh
well, that's my best friend :) But me and terry were
talking about the 4th and he was like "do you want me to
hold you while we are watching fire works?" I was like
awww ... cuz that's sweet! lol- And today me and Alicia
called Terry at work. It's so cute when he picked up the
phone he was like "Thank you for calling Sudden Service"
hehe .. it was cute. I'm afraid that someone like Bradley
is gonna run their mouth and say something. *sigh* Terry is
18 and I'm 14. And when he asked me how old I was I didn't
lie. I was like 14! And he was like ... really ? And he
told Kayce that he didn't know if he was ever gonna ask me
out b/c of our age .. but apparently he is! Which is
good .. but y'know .. my mom and dad don't know. And quite
frankly, I don't plan on telling them. Which .. I dunno- I
just don't want to get either one of us in trouble, but I
am NOT gonna sleep with him, so i don't think
that anything should be wrong.
I am so scared about tonight. Donnie told me that Crypt &
Folk are going to go up to the bowling ally and fight
Blood. It didn't even start out like that, it just kinda
happened like that. Because there were some boys that were
like blah blah and talking shit- Donnie and Kevin went to
stand up for Antonio b/c these boys from Blood was about to
jump on him and they were like 15/16 and Antonio is 12!! So
then Bradley is friends with those boys, yet family is on
the other side (the Crypt/Folk side). Donnie and Kevin
heard those boys were gonna try to jump them so he had
Bradley ask them if they were and they said yea. Last night
someone called Donnie at his house and was like "Meet us up
at the Bowling Ally at 8PM, and bring all your boys b/c you
are gonna need them" And it just so happens that all of
Donnie's boys are on the Crypt/Folk side and the boys they
are fighting are on Blood. And I know people on BOTH
sides.And I SWEAR, if someone dies, I am going to go crazy.
I have been trying to call Kris ALL day and tell him NOT to
go but he was on the phone. *sigh* I hope no one gets
hurt ... but I guess I'm going to go now. Terry should just
be getting off of work :)