the ups and downs of my life
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2002-07-15 20:21:16 (UTC)


well today im going to stay at dads late because mom is
going to a wrestling match. so she will pick me up late.

i diidnt have to watch adam today but i didnt even wake
up till 10 30.

tomorrow i am going to mow my neighbnors lawn. he is going
to show me how to use his riding lawn mower and i will mow
that part and later i will mow the part u cant use the
riding lawn mower. but its ok its self propelled and my
dads isnt so it should be easy.

well m,y cousin laura said she might come up for the
reception.i hope she does it will be fun.

well laura and ash talked to this guy and he goes to my
school. hes a grade lower. so im talking to him now. he
seems like a nice person. and seems to think my cousins r
hot and lives not far from here.

well i cant think of anything else to write so i guess
thats it for now