a poetic Heartº
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2002-07-15 19:38:21 (UTC)


The pain was too tough
And revenge it was not
It was that moment in time
That your love I forgot!

Maybe it was temptation
Possibly Just lust
I took it as long as I could
And His lips I had to touch

Something took over me
That I had no control
I forgot that I loved you
With all my heart and soul

Now I stand here crying
Begging you to stay
Schreaming out I'm sorry
Aint gonna work today

I knew I'd regret doing it
And I knew I'd loose you
If you could ever forgive me
This time I'd stay true

I know its hard to believe me
Especially when I start to say
Your the one I want in my future
He's a ghost from yesturday

Ashley McCoy Finnished June 10, 2002