ThE_DuDe (Basstorius)

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2001-06-30 23:33:37 (UTC)

what i want

what i want i know i cant have because i requires and act
of somthing. i want to just have all my stress and all my
fear of life and everything i am feeling just to dissapear
for five minuts. but ofcourse it wont. i miss the days of
being a kid and not having any worryies. right now i am
involved with my uncles band. this band will go somewhere
and be big one day. its called siskyou and i love it. but i
am leaving to go to colorado and they are kinda mad at me.
sarah plays guitar and my friend andy plays drums. stevi is
andys wife and she is the singer. stevi and sarah are
sisters. its kinda like a family band. my uncle is the
manager and his friend jason is the producer. well anyways
i dont know what to do. i could just go to colorado and get
better at playing bass or stay here and stay about the
same. i wish it wasnt so hard to choose. its either go to
colorado and see them after i graduate in 2 years. or stay
here and most likley not graduate and become a bass bumb. i
like the colorado choice better. but it is tearing me apart
and i dont like it. the one i love and cant have. or the
music i love and have it all the time. bye bye