Livin' Large....or...not.
2001-06-30 23:24:45 (UTC)

Golf and Nausea.... a mutually reinforcing proposition

I just spent a beautiful Saturday following washed-up
football players around a golf course. If that wasn't bad
enough (golf bores the SHIT out of me) I've been sick to my
stomach since last night. So there I was, pale and
nauseated, hauling around 30 pounds of camera gear in the
blazing heat. Every time I had to walk uphill I thought I
was going to pass out or puke, or maybe both. It was truly
And if another photo buddy of mine had not convinced me to
shoot a certain golfer at the last minute, I'd be screwed.
It turns out that our sports department is writing their
lead story about this guy, with no advance warning to me.
Thanks, guys!! I'm so glad the competition keeps me better
informed than you do!

I'm so happy to be in an air conditioned building right
now...I can't wait to leave work and take a nap.

Mike's band is playing a spur of the moment gig tonight. If
I feel better, I guess I'll go. His band is really, really
good, but sometimes after I spectate something all day, I
can't spend my evening watching something, too. You know, I
like to actually DO something, participate in something...
(Except not golf, thank you. I'll leave that to John Elway
and Dan Marino.)

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