When its all over and done with....
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2002-07-15 18:46:02 (UTC)

Cant wait is the first day of basketball camp. I know i
am goin to make a fool of my self cuz i cant play for
anything but oh well ill meet the new freshman and see some
people i havent seen since school ended. To make the day
worst i dont even have sneakers to play in...i have
skechers which are kinda like semi-sneakers but no as good.
They are a bit heavy but i guess when i get in my light
cleats for soccer it will be easiar to run. But today im
goin to be there prob one of the worst people when all my
friends are like freakin good at bball. But oh well they
got their thing and i got mine, which i still havent found
yet...i tihnk its soccer but im not sure. When i get back
from this great and rememberable day of bball i will write
again and tell u had terrible i did! bye

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