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2001-06-30 23:18:07 (UTC)

this girl i know.

well how goes life. i dont know. im just thinking that what
if going to this performing arts highschool is a bad thing.
i wish i could tell the future. but i cant. well my
audition is on the 9th and i have a week to practise my
peice. i dont know if i can do it. what if he asks me my
scales. i dont know that. well not all of them. well yea.
sarah has a ring on her finger. i wish she hadent done
that. she thought that this ron guy was gonna be a jerk and
treat her like shit but he hasnt. he gives me weird vibe. i
dont know what it is. i cant find anything wrong with him
but he just isnt right. i was with sarah all last week and
i found out somthing. i love her. i dont know why but i
just do for some unknown reason. i was just thinking about
her and i thought to myself. i love her. well yea. i
wounder whats to happen to us. i had this weird dream that
she burned her face and her boyfriend broke up with her and
she was always crying. well in the dream she ran to the
bathroom and i followed her and before she could get in the
bathtroom i said "sarah" and she looked at me and i told
her i loved her and then she ran over to me. i tore it
apart and i think that in the dream i was sarah and i was
runing away from she all the time. i dont know. because im
not the kind of guy that just confronts a girl like that.
so i think it was all reversed. i dont know. i have weird
dreams and they freak me out. i dont think sarah knows how
i feel about her. people tell me i should talk to her about
it but i just can. im moving to colorado. im in california
now. my mom lives in colorado and i want to go to this
music high school. well yea. that is what is going on now
in my life. i wish i knew what to do. i conect with sarah
better then anyone k=i know but she dosent see that for
some reason. some people that i talk to say that shes
blind. but i dont. i just think that she doesnt know swhats
going for her yet. its weird cause i can tlk to her like no
other person that i know and i just wist she knew how i
feel. bye bye

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