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2002-07-15 18:11:07 (UTC)


ok todayis mondaybut ill write shrt to catch you guys up to

friday i went for a tennis lesson and the coach was good..
(i suck)

then i went to prayfridayprayer.. i ate at home and then i
wen t to Al Amawee Mosque .. it is
we went to see also the grave of Sayyedna Ye7ya and the
Grave of Sala7udin al Ayoubi (related to me, my cuzin is al
on saturday i ummmmmmm damn i cant remember.. oh ya...

i went to play red alert 2 with my cuzin 3amer and 3 of his
friends... wen we started the teams were me and 3amer vs 3
other ppl, they are little girls they said no attacking for
10 min.. (i agreed :( ) then one of them attacked my ore
miner (thingee that gets you money for mentally challenged
ppl) so i built an army in 2 minutes and blew him up..
the guy to my right was like y did u attack , i told him
you attacked first.. so then i went for this other guy and
he had like 1000000000000000 yuris so i went and attacked
his base from the bottm and he sent his yuris, lucky for me
i had an army that was attacking a nuclear plant.. (hmmm
e=mc2 is fun!!!! ) and squish went his army ahaha... last
guy was easy and we finished him off.. then their excuses
1) i told you not to make nukes
2) i told you that we attack after 10 min (tab ya 3ammi you
attacked on the 3rd minute)
3) you are cheating, we are leaving (ey a7san roo7)

that day we went back home and i slept

i woke up and went to my grandmas house.. i went back home
like 2 hours later and then i went out with amer at like
4:00 , we went and played CS and RA2 and then we went to
this CD mall AHAHAHA hehehe .. i bought some cds and i also
got all the Quran on mp3 cd.. i went back home and packed
for my trip to lebanon

monday (today)
i woke up at 7 to find the bag i packed all my clothes in
was empty and somehow my backpack was full... (oh well im a
we left home and then went to the road and waited for our
bus to come (filled with those creatures called rami nahel
soubhi and other relatives..) we then went to the border

it took a while to go through the borders because of a lot
of ppl...

we then had mana2eesh for breakfast and went to our hotel..
2 hours later (after watching an episode of CSI and
everybody loves raymond) we went to a place called DUNE ,
it has a cinema and arcades, we walked for a while then we
went to a place near the beach.. then we went to a place
called Solitair or somethin.. it used to be all wartorn and
stuff, but now its built as if its old but all is new..im
there now .. anyone in lebanon email me@!! im gonna be here
till wednesday, wednesday im gonna be in that aquapark
called waves or something.. EMAIL ME OK!!!?!?!?!? (no
swimming suit necessary ) ahahah hhe

btw ahmed is DUMB AND AN IDIOT :)
and i hope i super ba3sa you wait and see THERE IS NOTHIN

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