The Black Hole
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2001-06-30 22:38:49 (UTC)

THe day I die

Dear Diary,
The day I die...I know that my sister and I will be best
friends becasue its true in life that your friends come adn
go but your sister will always be there. Well we ahve'nt
been getting along lately at all! She hits me all the time
and we fight all the time. ITs like we are little kids
again but we have never fought like this NEVER! Maybe its
our ages. I'm 16 and she always tells me she wish she was
me becasue I'm in highschool adn have boyfreinds and stuff.
SHe s 14 It should happen soon though for her. SHe has
guys lined uo for her. Even my guy friends find her

Well next school year...I ahve NO classes with my friends.
They are all smart and have all the classes together. WE
are going to split apart I know it. I already am splitting
apart from MAry. SHe never calls me anymore and she acts
like I'm not there when I am talking to her. SHe Talk to me
weird like I don't understand what she is saying. ARG!

Why does my life have to be SOOO confusing???


Do I ever make any sense?

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