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2002-07-15 17:44:22 (UTC)

Let The Games Begin!

Well, our first school day is here. In about an hour we'll
get started and I hope it'll go smoothly. I'm sure it
will, but I tend to obsess about stuff like this. All I
know is that God gave us our child and we're going to do
the best we can to teach him. I just hope I can keep up
with him. He never seems to get enough when he's learning
about something.

Lord, I need your strength for today and the days to come.
I feel your leading in changes we are contemplating and I
thank you. Please let us hear you clearly and guide us in
the way you would have us go. And let the transitions be
smooth and uneventful. Show us the bounty of your goodness
and teach us the proper and right way. Thank you, Jesus!