every ones got problems!
2002-07-15 17:31:24 (UTC)

Surprise! I'm Depresed..

So its like 3 days till my bros birthday he'll be 15, not a
particulary important birthday, but it will be to him cos
its his day, you see the problem is that on my birthday he
goes all out and gets me some really nice stuff, last year
he got me a chain which is beautifull I ware it all the
time and load of other stuff too...but I don't have any
money to do the same for him so I feel like a bit of a
bitch, I made him a card cos he likes that sort of stuff
and baought him malteasers & I think my moms goanna get me
something for him but I still feel really bad. I won't
have any money till september so I told him i'd get him
something cool then....Do you think this situation
qualifies for a money spell??? Probably not but its so