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2002-07-15 16:33:53 (UTC)

Still more...

I added onto my list
41) Recreate a prom... I never got to go to mine
42) Ride a camel
43) Find a cure for allergies
44) Grow my own field of daisies
45) Have a mural of a field of daisies
46) Write another book
47) Conduct my own scientific study
48) Say "thank you" to my friends
49) Have my own pool
50) be an extra in a movie or a tv show
51) Be on Jeopardy or some other quiz show
52) Win a contest on the radio or Muchmusic
53) Fly (=
54) Own my own star
55) make a wish on a falling star
56) Discover outrageous talent
57) Make my own comicbook character
Ok I'm at a stalemate again so I'm going to go for now.

Current mood: not sure
Current music: "Everything"- Lifehouse

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