the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2002-07-15 16:29:51 (UTC)


so once agian i have another boyfriend as you allso
lovingly put it
personally it kinda hurts my feelings
its not like im sleeping around that is the reason i have a
boyfriend every month is bc i wont have sex with them and
they are all a bunch of asses so this is what i deal with

and cosper i dont know if you read this or not but you also
hurt my feelings the other night when you called me a cock
roach tease explin to all that dsont understand we
were in a play ad we were supposed to be starving well we
chased a " cock roach" in to the corner and i kinda waved
it in front of adams mouth and then "ate it"
i dont know maybe it was bc i was really tired but i get
sick of guys telling me that thats all i am bci wont have
sex with them
i mean whatthe f***
happiness--------happiness----deep breath-----

ok so Adam my boyfriend ironically was my husband in the
play we were doing all i can think is that its
foreshadowing for the future im crossing my fingers
he is an amazing person

well im out
love all