starry nite

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2002-07-15 16:26:42 (UTC)


today was one of the best days ever. most the bands were
really good but i was psyched when Eighteen Visions came
on. they put on a good show. then throwdown came on which
also was great. the lead singer from eighteen visions sang
for part of one of the songs which was also great. so many
people were climbing up at the mic singing along and stuff.
it was an awesome sight. after Throwdowns set we all went
and laid in the gradd becuase Hatebreeds set wasnt for
another few hours. anyway, i started getting really
depressed and just sat there, by myself( i was sitting with
everone but felt completely alone) i sat there and just
wished i was there with people i was friends with( they
were all cool people and i think i could be friends with
them but since i only knew one of the 5 people it was kinda
awkward. i just didnt have much to say. well as soon as
Hatebreed came on I was psyched. i was up against the stage
for the whole set...well almost the whole set, the 2nd to
last song we "before dishonor" which i was dying to hear so
i decided to get up on stage and stage dive. thats what i
did for the last 2 songs. i was so into the whole set. i
went from being depressed to thinking about nothing but how
great the show was. i fucking loved it. it was amazing to
get up on the stage and be singing and have everyone
cheering you as you jump off the stage and have everyone
catch you. i would love to be up there in the band. one day
maybe. if i keep practicing. it must be so fucking awesome
to be in a band like that. especially a well known harcore
band because the people getting up onstage and singing with
the singer and when they put the microphone down in the
audience so everyone can sing, its just amazing, the only
thing that sucked was after it was over we went to drop
steve off and everyone got out of the car and ended up
laying in the drive way. we layed there for like 3 hours
and it was so cold. everyone else had a sweathirt or
blanket or something and i didnt so i was freezing.
everyone else fell alseep on and off but i just layed there
and cried b/c i was so cold and tired an djust wanted to go
home. we ended up leaving at like 4. i didntget home til 5
am and the show ended at 10 pm. i slept through my alarm
and missed my class which sucks. if only we had left his
house earlier. well its over now and overall it kicked ass.
it was amazing.. im so glad i was able to go.

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