2001-06-30 21:49:01 (UTC)

wish on a star

every night I look up at the stars(yes I am a dreamer) and
I make a wish on the brightest one. Sometimes they come
true and sometimes they don't.. but I still wonder is there
any one else looking at that very same star, making a
similar wish.. maybe I am not alone,

Love to me is when you take away all the passion, the
looks, and the money and with what you still have left, you
still care about that person with everything that you
have.. See I am dating this guy, I don't know if
technically we are "dating" or whatever, but hes everything
I have ever looked for in a guy.. I go to sleep thinking
about him, and I dream about things I can do to make him
smile .. and not stop, I wake up and all I want is that
phone to ring and him to be on the other end.. good morning
sweetheart, I miss you... I have looked at "us" from every
angle( yes I do over anaylize) say I took away the sexual
side(kissing) yes I would still want to give him 115
percent.. so then you take away his looks, he still has
this amazing personality with the ability to have a
discussion with me without getting upset.. we can just talk
about anything and everything, I have never felt so open to
anyone.. ok so then I take away us seeing each other
everyday, and you know what , just the thought of him
holding me , and the thought of him and I laughing at our
corny jokes that no one else gets, just makes me glow.. I
have never told him this but there is this one moment where
I think we were both at our best.. in the worst of
situations.. his X girlfriend caught us at a club
together.. and broke up with him, so we came home and slept
in the same bed and cuddle, and "stuff" :) I remember going
to sleep laughing and I remember waking up laughing,, thats
the way that relationships are supposed to be.. serious
when necessary, and fun.. he's someone to kid around with
but someone that I can tell my deepest thoughts and desires
without one single regret or fear that he might take me the
wrong way or tell someone something .. its crazy I never
thought that I would find someone with my very same morals
but we have enough that we disagree on that is keeps things
interesting.. its kinda scary because I can see myself with
this guy, for a long time.. i don't want to put any limits
on it because this relationship far exceeds anything that I
could ever hope to find, and I know that it can only get
better :)