the roads not taken
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2002-07-15 16:14:27 (UTC)

who is happy? oh yeah me :)

ok i guess the past week has just totally rocked my world.
starting friday me and brittany went to the mall and i met
larry, they are so cute. and then parts of friday were fun
with sean. sean still gets me down some but whatever. when
i got my leaners that just felt good and i'ev already
written about the 4th party but i think christy and i are
back on track. and working has been ok cause i'm getting
paid and i got to see mellissa again. and on tueday i went
out with krista and westbrook and anna and that was
awesome. and i saw david and talked to him alot that night.
hes cool, very flirtasious and he admitted to hitting on
me. so who knows. then i've alradyw ritten about jeremy on
wedensday and thats still going ok, we're getting together
again this wedensday. and then wedensday ngiht at church
was good, not many people were there so we jsut hung otu on
the swings and i drove alot that day. then umm thursday i
worked and didn't do anything that night. friday was a good
day. well i had work and mellissa was there and nana took
us to mickys dees for lunch. then we went to grannys and
that made me sad and then we went to the wedding and this
part made me real was like 10 30 and i talked
to brittany and krista and westbook and they really wanted
me to come over and that jsut lifted my sprirts but i my
nana had a problem with it. but still their effort made me
happy. then saturday i just baby sat. sunday was a good
day. i had to go to all 3 services and not many people
showed up for the 8 so i sat by my self but it was ok cause
afetr wards they were like why didn't you come sit with
us??? and the semon was intresting....actually it was more
of a science lesson. then emily showed up for 9 30 and we
did the comissoning for mt top. and me, her and jeff hill
left to go get break fast and emily asked me if i wanted to
go to this concert with her....dashboard confessional is
gonan be there so heck yeah. i may just say i'm spending
the night at emilys house. its 2 days after we get back. ok
then we came back for the 11 and it was fun and afterwards
i went to lunch with emily, kathryn, jeff, daniel and steve
at fronteria. yummmmmmm! then i came home and my nana was
mad at me cause shes just dumb like that. and i got my
stuff ready for brittanys and i was so nervous abotu the
whole thing. well i got over there (i never did get
caught :)) and i really like her, shes a good friend i feel
like i've known the girl my whole life. we just have alot
of serious and not always happy stuff in common. and we
picked out clothes..i wore her shirt, belt and neck lace.
she wore my lace camisole, jeans and belt. and she did my
make up cause she loves to and at 1st it was dark and i
didn't want to hurt her feelings but it ended up loooking
great. and her mom fixed us dinner. lol then she tried to
teach my some line dancing, fun fun. then the guys got
there. larry is a cool guy and he made me feel more
comfortable. at 1st brent and i didn't talk that much but i
knew he thought i was "cute" before we left and once we got
there we saw, tim, mike. jp, and jps cuz. and tim loosened
me up with dancing and i got comfortable. i still dont'
think i dance all that well but i had fun and afetr a while
my legs woudl get so sore. me and britt were gonna ride the
bull but didn't. and brent an di got into dancing alot and
it was alot of fun, towards the end of the night i was liek
totally hoe dancing...but its rap and it was fun and i'm
not a hoe!!! so we left and the car ride was home was fun
we played pop eye and i shoulda been down to my panties but
i wasn't..just bra and jeans hahaha. dang gusy they are
better than us. then we went to waffle house and it was a
blast :)

ok christy is here i will finish this later goo day