starry nite

my own world
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2002-07-15 16:12:14 (UTC)


the hellfest was so awesome! steve ended up calling
saturday morning and asked if i wanted to go. so i did.
saturday was great, the bands were realy good. i think the
misfits wre overrated, i didnt like there show that much
but the day still was awesome. Bam Margera(from the show
Jackass and he's a proskater) was there, his brother isthe
lead singer for CKY. so bam came out on stage for part of
it, he was so funny. i spent the nite at Kaylas house(one
of steve friends) all the people i met were nice. it was
nice of jess to drive me since she didnt know me and it was
nice of kayla to let me stay at her house. i had a lot of
fun. im so glad i ended up going.

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