Rem's Poetry Corner
2002-07-15 15:53:15 (UTC)


If we could know the future, would we want to?
If I could know what would happen, what choices I would
make, what my life would consist of, would I choose to
know, or let myself be surprised?
If I could know each calamity that would befall me before
it happened, would I want to know in order to try to
prevent it, or just allow it to happen, knowing that pain
causes us to grow?
If I could know all the happiness I will have someday
before I really had it, would I choose to know about it and
have more hope, or would I choose not to know about it so
that I may grow stronger without any idea of future
If I could know the future, would I want to?
I don't think so. Because, even though it would surely be
nice to prepare myself for the bad and the
good, "surprise", "unexpected", all these kinds of words
would cease to have any meaning. We would become robots,
always knowing that when such-and-such happened, I would
choose this, not that. It removes free will from the
equation. And I am a big fan of free will. Because, even
though some people are always the same, I am day
I may choose one thing, and the next, throw that idea out
the window. I am always looking for a way to make my life
more interesting. And knowing everything in the future
would make life almost unbearable to me. Besides, I know
God holds the future, and I'm content to let Him take care
of it all. He knows much more than and is much more
capable than me, anyway. Thank God I don't know the