A Princess
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2001-06-30 21:27:52 (UTC)


Grr I hate it so much. Well in most cases, the teachers that
love me and give me great grades 4 being good is okay but
parents...AHHH. K well so some teachers annoy me because
they have their stupid favourites which are like twice as
dumb as the rest of us but if Im one of them I guess itz
okay,lol. My dad doesnt really have favourites...Hmm
thinking about that yeah he does but not as badly as my mum,
nightmare. Anywayz this week has been k I suppose, me and
kelly have been argueing some more, kinda accidently killed
her on friday didnt mean to hurt her delicate hand...I just
wanted the chalk, shes cool tho because I can play around
with her calling her a woofy etc without her caring but that
girl has got some good comebacks...she is learning from the
master. Mark says we're gonna end up fighting soon, poor lil
kelly ;) We'd never ever fight I dont think everyone grasps
that even when we seem really mad at each other and call
each other stuff we're really just playin...O well :)
Started to miss Chris some more 2day, I guess I always do
but just worse at times when im not occupied with anything
else and have time to think. Being so far away is real bad
because I really dont think he knows how much I care about
him and itz a lil hard 2 show feelings thru typing. He did
really well in his SAT's hes so smart he pretends not to be
but I know he is and Im really proud of him :) The thing
that really really bugs me is the whole time difference
thing its so bad I mean he endz up coming on a stupid times
in the morning just to talk to me & say I go out at the
night I dont even get to talk to him so I tend to stay in
more now. I really want to know what his friendz said 2 him
to make him so angry...Ooooh I was talking to his sister
today & she found his memory book, aw Im telling you this
guy is just the sweetest. I get really worried when I think
about the future, I mean we both have different lives and
itz gonna be so hard 1 with the distance and 2 With us just
living our lives, in one sense without each other. OKAY Im
getting a lil depressed now,lol hmmm I need a song to cheer
me up...This is like the longest diary entry ever but I dont
care this stuff must be said,lol. I was just thinking about
the best feeling (no ideas please) and ive decided itz got
to be performing on stage, that buzz iz so wicked ya dont
want it to end...& the worst...Probably has 2 be when ya
feel a bit lonely :( In need of something or someone...Well
if ur still awake by the end of this Im outty, thanx for
reading erm...anyone?
Luv me

P.s Im not perfect but Im so damn close I scare myself.

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