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2002-07-15 15:33:15 (UTC)

explosive Diarehea

OK, so I cant spell Die-ah-ree-ah...Well, I think its
actually a GOOD thing not to know how to spell it, I mean
who really writes about it? (besides me...) Its kinda like
you bring it upon yourself if you know too much about
it...like Herpes or syphalis (which I believe I spelled
correctly...Oh Christ!! What does that mean???)
Anyways, I ate something called "dango" tonight for dinner.
Basically its like little meatballs goobered in a sticky
sweet and sour sauce...they were damn tasty, so I a
lot...needless to say it was a bad idea.
Oh God, I think I came very close to forcefully shitting out
my lower intestine.
The sheer explosive force of my feces would easily have put
out any small brush fire, and could have had a great run at
a large oil fire if properly placed by an experienced
Dear Lord my bowels are spent..not a microbe of waste
product infects my colon...I feel strangly light.
Im sure you are happy I shared.