Book Of Shadows
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2001-06-30 21:25:41 (UTC)

First Day

I dont even know why i'm doing's not like
anyone is going to read it.

bleh it seems the days are getting slower and slower as the
weeks go on. I'm so tired...


Waking up to the scream of my mom, that her and my dad
wanted to go drive around the lake, i stretched and thought
about how sweet it would be to sleep just five more minutes.
Jumping out of bed i got dressed and staggered out my
bedroom door to them in the front yard looking at there
yard, they are such green thumbs, its not even funny.
Walking outside to the wet ground and grey clouds that
seemed to hover over the dark green tree's surrounding the
house. Thinking to myself "It must have stormed while i was

I love storms, for the simple fact of the mood change in
everything when the drops of water fall from the sky;

i guess as you imagine me driving down the road in our
black Honda accord, i'll tell you a lil bit bout myself.

My name's Bryan, friends call me tweeker. Being the only
kid in the house, since my sister moved out, two years
ago. It's pretty quiet around here. I'm sixteen yet, going
to college, which screwes me over worse for having no
friends my age, and the friends i do have think im just
another kid. I love art, love to draw what's in my head, i
hope to get a degree in art, but who knows?

As we drive down the road, we come to whats called Brushy
Creek, that my dad raved bout on the way there. Pulling
into the damp shaded boat ramp, we get out and walk down to
the ramp, looking out i think to my self "It's pretty.."

My dad loves fishing, i think more or less he loves to be
on the water. As a retired captain of a USS Navy Sub, you'd
think he would be dieing to get on the water again.
I always wondered what he was thinking, how he felt about
being in the navy. He says he only did it for the money,
but i knew he was hooked on the water, the feeling of
having control over the boat and its crew, to have the
respect and honor...but..who knows.

After leaving the Brush Creek boat ramp, we drove around
for another two hours and finally got home, i'm so tired.

its 4:30pm right now...i think ill go take a nap before i
go meet some friends at the legendary Waffle House....

to nobody, for everyone,