Carolina Girl

The Follies of Christina
2002-07-15 14:44:58 (UTC)

Why are the most respected guys..

Why are the most respected guys the ones that sleep around
and the most disrespected girls are the ones that sleep
around? I don't support the fact of anyone sleeping around,
but it just doesn't seem right. For instance... I recently
became friends with a guy that I used to think was the
biggest jerk. He's a pimp. Not really but he can get with
pretty much whatever girl he wants. We live in a small town
so it'd be completely idiotic for a girl that he "hooked up
with" to think that she'd have a chance at an actual
relationship. Yet these girls keep on getting with him, and
every time they do it's like he moves a step up on the
ladder. His best friend is the same way... who is pretty
hot himself, but has the same "I'm too good for a
girlfriend" mentality. Why are these boys so attractive to
girls? Yeah, they're hot but personality has to be there
too, but why is someone who you *know* is going to treat
you like shit the one you still want to get with, is it the
whole challenge that maybe *you* were the one to turn his
I have to go to work at 12 and that whole thought makes me
sick. Being a lifeguard has got to be one of the worst
jobs. And then to have your boss who is practically your
dad looking over your shoulder all the time, constantly
finding something you or your guards did wrong... I'm going
out now, so that I can encounter something that will give
me something to bitch about later... have a great day.

*Kiss Me I'm Emo*