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2001-06-30 20:51:13 (UTC)

padraig's 21st

I feel so sick. drank WAY TOO MUCH last night, i started
crying because I couldn't find my cell phone and mick had
to bring me home and put me to bed. Now, I'm paying for it
with an upset tummy. It was Padraig's birthday party last
night, and the first time I'd been out for a few weeks
which is why i got so drunk so quickly. But I had a great
time, everyone was there, even simon and jessica and I
haven't seen them for a long time.

I really have to stop spending the night with Mick. I know
he doesn't want a relationship and I'm just gonna get hurt
again and take it out on him again. Last night wasn't bad,
though, I didn't yell, just cried a lot and kept telling
him that I love him. Smooth move. Okay, I'm getting kind
of hungry. Time for a snack.