Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
2001-06-30 20:40:02 (UTC)

Poetry, Sleep and Go-Karts

6/30/01 3:10 PM
Current song: Help! by the Beatles
Current mood: Quite tired, happy that I got a message on
this and a letter from Michelle, and relieved that it's
quiet at last! (yes, McCall, I'm stealing this from you)

Mom, Dad, and the boys finally left for the go-kart
track. Today is Russell's (my little brother) birthday
party, which means I have to be nice to him, even though he
is technically not 9 until July 4th. Oh well I guess I
should be nice to him once in a while. His whole crew was
here for less than an hour and my mind is blown. Loud
little Pokemon weirdos!!
Oooh! Another good song! "Yesterday" by the Beatles.
ahhh.... It's so...pensive. Beatles "1" has to be one of
the best cd's ever made. Such good songwriting.
Anyways, last night I was writing on here from
midnight to 2:30, talking to Lindsay (another good friend)
for a while. Her and the Schwing broke up, and I feel
beyond bad for giving her hell at Sea City (camp I was at
last week) about always calling him. I couldn't help it, I
hardly ever see her and I really want the old group back
together for camp. I guess I should get off my butt and
call her once in a while. Then I was talking to Noemi
until about 3. Then I decide to go to sleep, but I can't
because I get this REALLY good idea for a poem in my head.
So I start to write, then I think of another idea for
something different! So I start on the other one, I think
it's one of the most interesting things I've ever written. FYI, I
want to be a writer later in life, which explains the wordiness of
all these entries. Anyway, it's about "somebody" and how I
feel about them, but I'll put it at the end of this entry
anyway. It feels like a song, so I'm working on a tune for
it. Too bad I can't play the guitar or the piano. Oh
wells. So I finish the second poem, then the first one,
THEN I want to work on this story I started a while ago.
Finally I get this killer headache from the 2 Dr.Peppers I
had, so I try to go to sleep again. Well I just couldn't
stop thinking!! I wrote ANOTHER poem, and I finally crashed
at 4. 4 AM!!! My mind never sleeps!
So my mom barges in at noon and wants me to get up,
and I'm like nooo...everything was aching, probably from
sleep deprivation. So about 12:30 I dragged myself outta
bed and ate some pop tarts, got a shower and sang Happy
Birthday to Russ. I just curled up in the chair and wrote
a letter back to Michelle b/c something had to save my
sanity. Mail! I was so happy. Michelle is my friend that
I met at Sea City, but she lives somewhere else, like not
close to here at all. One of these days I'm gonna kidnap
her so she can live here. Hahaha..
No one is online right now. Everyone here is gone
until 5, so I'll probably entertain myself by putting down
some more thoughts here, maybe finishing my story and
calling some people. I've got church on Sunday, then I'm babysitting
Monday, Tuesday and Friday, so there probably won't be any late night
rants for a while, but I'll keep posting mundane daytime events.
Well that's about all. I'll put the thing I wrote
last night in a new entry after this one. Someone tell me
if it's any good, unless it really sucks, then don't say
anything. Adios until next time...don't be a stranger.