a little taste of me
2001-06-30 19:28:38 (UTC)

life is a box of choclates.......

thanks for those who replied to my last entry about men and suprisingly a man wrote back. but life you cant really explain the meaning of it. but its like a winding road and it has its stops and dips in it. but everyones life is full of suprises. its really nice how people take their life and make something of it. why do some people waste their lives and blaim it on someone else. i have had a hard life dealing with my drug addict mom but im not blaiming anyone for it. a lot of parents these days take their bad childhood out on their kids. its not the kids fault that you were beat on. its your parents fault. you are victim and your children should not be. im still a child growing up i have one more year left of being a minor. and i have seen in all my childhood years that none of my friends have had it good. they all either have prejudice parents, drug-addict parents, or no parents. a lot of parents these days are to young to be parents. like my best friend shirley she is 17 years old and a has a 1 year old baby. she got pregnant when she was in middle school and had to drop out in her first year in highschool. some parents dont even care about their kids. and its sad. a lot of you are probably like she does not know what shes talking about but you know what i do because i see it and i also experince it. but im going off topic here. life is a fragile thing. and its so quick. people dont realize that god put us here for a reason to somehow make a difference. everyone has a little time clock and when it runs out we go to our maker. time flies and you notice it. so take advantage of your time here on earth because every minute here counts!!!!!