Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
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2001-06-30 19:13:49 (UTC)

Now Or Never


Well I finally get to leave from my dads tomarrow
afternoon. Its been sooo boring.. but I guess okay.
Thurday i went to my grandmas house. I had fun. I t was
alot better than staying here! I got to see my cousin and
aunt and uncle. That was fun. One night we went out to
ponderosa (my FAV resterant) (can't spell sorry) But anyway
we had this REAL HOTT waiter!! WE all kept dinking out water
fast so he would have to keep coming back!! hahah. I bought
the lil romeo single cd.. and that is a good one and i also
bought the o-town cd. Thats good too. This summer is going
to be soooo busy.. but yet sooo fun!!! Ican't wait till my
time here with my dad is over so I can go and see my
friends.. i have not seen them in ever!! I bet some of u can
relate!!! Today is a sucky rainy day...arg... but i still
wnet out and played b-ball with my sister.

ummm.. i need an inspiration....lets write a poem..
got any??


write me