Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-07-15 06:57:09 (UTC)

not to bad of a night for once....

Well this is a strange change..... I finally got to play
ever quest yay! for me... And well so far i love it i am
playing a darkelf rogue woooohooo and guess what with one
day of playing and some twinking from ken i have made it to
7th level and most likey i will be going back to play on it
when i am done on here... YAY!!!!

So right now its like 2:45 in the morning and i am not half
as depressed as usual.. I know I know wow you say well wow
i say too.... And i have found time today to cook twice and
clean the whole kitchen.. God i need a job.. to fuel my
newly acquired ever quest addiction....

So anyways i got bitched at a bit my hobbit one of my
roomies he is the guy that owns the house.. I live in he is
a 48 year old virgin OMG you say yea for real he has never
had sex in his life and you can imagine why we call him
*hobbit or the hog* well becos mostly of the facts that he
he about 5'3 230 pounds going bald and has corse black hair
all over his body.. Ewww u say well try having to scratch
his back everyday *shivers* {vomits}.. Omg u just dont know
how badly i dont want to touch him but becos i am nice and
dont want to hurt his feelings i do it and then wash my
hands about 5 times afterwards.... Ewwwww...... But he is a
sweet old man and i kinda look at him like a father.. He
takes care of my sorry ass for the time being now that i
dont have a joby job... SO i cant complain to much huh??

Now i am sitting her talking to josh and whining about my
computer and loseing all my stuff and he said that he can
send me some stuff that i have sent him... I want my shit

I want to give some speical thanks to some people who read
this and write back to me... Monkey thanks for reading my poetry im
glad it touched you :)

ill write more later Mistra

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