Carolina Girl

The Follies of Christina
2002-07-15 06:48:50 (UTC)


Today I realized one of the most ironic things... Guys
write/sing the best love songs. Through 16 years of dealing
with the opposite sex I've come to find that most guys are
all alike. Some are more cocky than others, some are "good
guys" but like all, have their extreme downfalls. Does God
pick these select men, make them actually give a damn about
the opposite sex and give them feelings, and give them the
ability to sing/write just so we can not be able to be with
them? Or are singers and writers the ones who just know
what girls want to hear? Annnd another thing, it's
timeless... the phrase that girls are so complicated
they're so emotional, they're so moody. Again through 16
years I've decided that guys play more head games, they're
more complicated, and they are SO moody. I don't know about
some other girls but I am able to come out and tell you
what I want in a realtionship.... I don't have to pretend
like I like you, I'll tell you straight up how I feel about
you in the beginning.
School starts in like 25 days... and I get to see Oasis
with one of my most favorite people in like 22 days. A
whole summer with only ONE good concert... I'll definately
agree that Oasis makes up for it. I'm going to bed.
Hopefully tomorrow won't be so depressing.

*Kiss Me I'm Emo*