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2001-06-30 18:45:51 (UTC)

June 30, 2001

Hey all, I am so boring. It's like almost quarter til 3
and I have nothing to do. I do have to work later at 6
but there's not much to do til then. And even then I'll go
and get bitched at by a bunch of overpaid waitresses who
try to get us to do everything just because we get paid
more than there fat asses do. I mean, damn, I don't HAVE
to be workin there, and I'm not gonna sit around and take
this stupid ass old people bitchin at me just because they
made bad career choices and wound up workin in some dumbass
restaurant in a small town. Damn, I need to get a life.
Well, actually I have a life, it's just my parents need to
stop tryin to keep me locked up here forever, I need to
live. I only have a few more years left livin in the their
house so they better let me go places or I'll turn into
some delinquent because I'm goin crazy here. Damn, just
let me go some places like everybody else's normal parents